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Moving, Motherhood & Music

Well it has been a minute (hello Pandemic) and there have been some major changes in my life including becoming a mother, buying a house and moving! But that motherhood one is a bit of a world shaker. Our little darling was born in December 2019 right before the world shut down and we have been pretty much cocooned inside until a month ago when I got my vaccine.

THANK YOU SCIENCE and more specifically THANK YOU Katalin Karikó (inventor of the rna delivery system and woman on a MISSION for the last hundred years (not literally of course but it was a really really long and arduous road for her see the Daily episode about her journey here.)

So like every other musician in the world it has been a minute since I played a gig but I am sure looking forward to finding my way back to the stage this summer. I will keep you updated here and you can always follow me on Instagram and Facebook @heatherleemoss.

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